Why BechScrap @ Belagavi

BechScrap is inspired by our PM Narendra Modi’s "Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan". This service is initially started for Belagavi city, in future this can be expanded to rest of Karnataka.

    BechScrap provides customer best and easy method to sell their scrap. This application is useful for the people of all age groups, Institutions and Offices. BechScrap provides you free pickup service at your doorstep where BechScrap executive comes with an electronic weighing machine and measures the weight of the scrap accurately, and provides proper standardized rates as mentioned on the website, gives cash to the customer at that moment itself. How BechScrap Works:

  1. Customer needs to visit website www.bechscrap.com and register their details.
  2. Once registered customer needs to login and enter an approximate weight of scrap they have with them.
  3. After selling your scrap BechScrap will get notification
  4. Once team BechScrap get notification they will give you a call and will fix a date for a visit and collect the scrap.
  5. You can also sell your scrap through WhatsApp just click a picture of scrap material and send it on WhatsApp number : 8548800444